Books & Why I Love Them

Books, to me are something that I could never live without. A book is not merely paper with words. In my opinion, it’s the tangible evidence that a human mind can go beyond what everyone else sees. Worlds are created, characters are brought to life, adventures take place and we, the reader, are transported from our mundane reading space to a world we would never have known if it wasn’t for the authors imagination.

Of course, I’m speaking only of fiction here, because that’s what I reach for. I’m not knocking non-fiction, but my relationship with reading is one of fantasy and the need to escape. Sometimes, facts are a bit too factual.

Reading was a struggle for me in my younger years. I hated it, to be honest. Mostly because the material was…lacking. I couldn’t understand that not all books were meant for grade level comprehension. I avoided the written word as much as I could as a young kid, but books always fascinated me. I wanted books to be something I had yet to find in the grade school text books that still haunt my dreams today.

I wasn’t a popular individual growing up. I didn’t really notice this till until the fifth grade. When I did notice, I realized it was a lonely place, this great big world. Not for long though. My step-dad noticed how much I loved the movie ‘Stand By Me’ based on the Stephen King short story ‘The Body’ and gave me the book. That was the start of it all.

To realize that words could take me away and give me knowledge (the real life kind) and friends I never had, was amazing to me. Books, something I had hated so badly could be my what would help me find happiness in the living nightmare that is adolescence.

Today, I find nothing more exciting than getting books. New or old, I love them all. To hold them and sniff them and occasionally fall asleep in their pages. Mostly, I love to open the pages and find an adventure I never imagined I’d find.



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