I was hoping to have another book review ready for today, but time happened. Time seems to me to be a readers worst enemy. I’ve started a new book, ‘The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle’, which is so far wowing me quite a bit. However, it’s long  and though the story is calling to keep me glued to the page, my life off the page has kept me from reading this at the pace I’d like.

It’s not fun to be pulled out of the imaginary world that has got hold of you, only to be faced with such mundane things as dishes or work. It is a fact of life, though, and for people like me who can read fast, but would much rather take my time and enjoy the story in all it’s details, this means planning.


I’m not stuck on taking my books with me when I go out, since these times are usually to run quick errands or go to some event that would leave me looking like a first class A-hole should I pull out a book. I also cannot read in cars. I get horribly car sick. This means I need to actually make scheduled time to read during the day.

I’m not sure what everyone else who has little free time to read does to squeeze in the time to jump back into the story they’re consumed by, but I like to divide up my books into a weeks worth of reading. Seven days. This way I don’t give up even trying and fill my little free time with social media. I like to sit down and read late in the day, before I lay down, because God knows I’ll just end up falling asleep and dropping my book in my face.

These days of adult commitments and responsibility make me long for the days of my youth when I could take all the time I wanted to read. It was actually encouraged!

What does everyone else do to find reading time with a busy schedule?


One thought on “Time

  1. I am just as bad as you – always reading less than I’d like to, and getting car sick even in trains… truly a shame as that probably is the best time to do some reading. I guess everybody struggles with this. Imagine how great it would be to be a ‘professional reader’!

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