The Last Few Pages


As I finally make my way to the end of my current read, which has taken me an embarrassingly long time to get through. Been about a month, though it’s only 562 pages and it only took me three days to read the 900 or so pages of  Stephen King’s Under The Dome . Yet, I have arrived, if fashionably late, to the last 18 pages…

Of course, this is where my mind started to wander. I started to think about my approach to books that have kept me drawn in for any  period of time. Then, my thoughts go a bit crazy.

I start by mentally preparing and wondering, “Do I really want this to end so fast?” and “HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS IN 18 PAGES???!!!”. So, I put the book down an find a distraction. There is the fear, naturally, of disappointment and the inner irritation at myself for not being able to read the words fast enough regardless of the outcome.

I can speak only for myself, but I’ve noticed my book ending reading habit goes a bit like this…

Sit up if I’m laying down…move the book as close to my face as humanly possible in case my peripheral vision might find a distraction…yell at everyone around me to shut the hell up…then take in every word as though this were the last book ever written and it holds the answer to all of life’s great questions (even if the book sucked).

This usually follows me finding excuses to put the book down to sate a few of the nagging distractions, like wondering if it will all make sense, peeing, did I miss something huge in the story one night while half dozing and dropping the book on my face over and over. DID I GIVE THE BOOK THE ATTENTION IT DESERVED!?

Reading is more than a hobby to me. It’s separate lives I live, good or bad and I like to take the process seriously. That kind of makes me sound mentally ill…but it’s the truth.

Now, with only minor distractions left, those last 18 pages await…

Does anyone else get end of book anxiety or is it just me?


2 thoughts on “The Last Few Pages

  1. I get the same way when I am finishing a book. I am currently on the last book of a three book series and I want to know how it all ends and what happens to all the characters but I also don’t want it to be over. I will miss the characters.

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