(Drunken) Book Review: The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle By DavidWroblewski (Spoiler Free)


I’m going to be honest, this is a bit of a drunk book review. It’s truly the only way I can review it, in my humble opinion (have you seen ‘My So-Called Life’?? Or am I dating myself??).

Anyway, I just finished The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle…it…I just can’t.

I spent the better part of July and August plugging through this book. Judge my slow reading as you may, it was friggen amazing. This book was everything I don’t want in a book, everything I run from when I read a synopsis. My advice…screw the synopsis.

So, here is a story, highly character driven. I freaking love characters. One meets in this story more characters than is even necessary and yet, ask how many f’s do I give?? None, because I’m better for having met these people. The scenery is even a friggen character!

Shut up and strap in for the ride.

This book is long…so damn long. That doesn’t matter. We follow a family, the Sawtelle family, Trudy, Gar, and Edgar, who breed a fictional breed of dog, the “Sawtelle Dog”, read it to find out more. There we also meet, Claud, Ida, Page, Henry and Glen…I can’t even call them secondary characters. They stick in your head and don’t let go. Then the dogs themselves are actually front and center characters in some cases. That shocked me. I worked in a kennel myself and the narrative of a dog still threw me for a loop. It also pulled me in. To see the world from their point of view made life seem hard and careless, but full and exciting at the same time. They gave a fresh perspective this story demanded.

It’s apparently some sort of adaptation of Hamlet by Shakespeare. I don’t like Shakespeare, though I did enjoy The Taming Of The Shrew. I see it, but I don’t give two craps. This story out of this authors mind is just a trip. It makes you love, hate and wish you had some answers that you will never get, then make you glad you never found them.

This is so character driven, you just need to cry. For good, for bad, for the ones you love.

Remember, I’m slightly (totally) intoxicated, but totally honest. I don’t think I will ever get this story out of my head. As you know if you’ve been here from the beginning, I love Stephen King. I Feel Like Teddy here in the movie version of Stand By Me. Then What? What happens next? Maybe I want to know, maybe the actual completion of this book is the best.

Jesus, just read it. Let me know what you thought. Even if you hated it, you still may never forget Edgar Sawtelle and his dogs. I know I won’t.

If David Wroblewski is out there anywhere reading this, write another book, please.



3 thoughts on “(Drunken) Book Review: The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle By DavidWroblewski (Spoiler Free)

  1. I was not as impressed. It didn’t help that I went to hear him at an author reading, and he came across as an arrogant jerk. I thought he stole too much from Jack London. He did tell one funny story at the reading, though. In order to convince himself to stop writing, he had to re-arrange the furniture in his study.

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