Goodwill Book Haul: Birthday Edition


This past weekend was mostly a stress filled, money sucking mess. Car problems. Who doesn’t cringe at the mention of those words? Needless to say, $1400 later, I needed something uplifting. Especially since September 3rd is my birthday (it’s my sisters, too! We’re twins). Broke on your birthday is zero fun.

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, I post pictures of books) you already know  that  certain something uplifting came on Saturday when my sister asked if I wanted to ride along for a shopping trip with her and my niece. I knew it would be the regular groceries and Walmart, so nothing huge, but she suggested we stop at the Goodwill. My mind went to books and I got a little sad that I wouldn’t even be able to afford something for $1.00 but figured I could at least look around.

Sister surprised me though and told me to throw all the books I wanted into the basket my niece was dragging around behind her (it was too cute for words). At first, I only picked a few, then she made me get more! It was still under ten dollars, all said and done, yet to me, it was a perfect gift.


The first book I chose was a Perry Mason. Me and my old books! It’s tiny and I love those books to just fly through in an afternoon. Plus, the smell of this little guy who came out in 1964 is divine…yes, I just paused after that sentence to pick it up and sniff it again!

Next, was Doctor Who. I couldn’t pass this up. I love Doctor Who too much, plus I have a friend who I know has a birthday coming up the week after mine sooo…spoilers (any Doctor Who fans, see what I did there? Wink, wink)!

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry was a thrill to find. I love westerns and I loved this movie and as we all know, the book is always better, enough said. It’s 945 pages. That should keep me busy.

My sissy found me two lovelies that I didn’t even notice. One is Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth. I watched the TV show on Netflix back when my niece was still but a wee babe (she’s now the devil in a 2 1/2-year-old toddler suit). The other she found me was The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. I love this book. I read all The Lord Of The Rings books pre-movies. I liked all the movies except for the last one and I grew up on the Hobbit cartoon movie. I just loved the name Bilbo Baggins, it cracked me up as a kid! I have read this before, but after the atrocious recent movie bastardization of this book, I need to  clean that cinematic poo off my brain.Thank you, sissy, for noticing these.

The last two I chose were Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I have a thing with buying books that were part of the Oprah’s Book Club. I am never horribly let down by them. I know nothing of this book, so I should be good and surprised. The other is a Toni Morrison called Paradise (also an Oprah pick). I have never read any of Toni Morrisons books that I can recall, but I read the first line on the back of the book drew me in immediately.

The last few books my sister picked for herself but told me to put them in my haul as she knows I will steal and read them eventually anyway. The early 90’s Nancy Drew was a given since we both turn 35 this year. Why the hell not go back to our youth for a few pages?!

Next is Number The Stars by Lois Lowry, which both sis and I read in fifth grade, but didn’t fully understand the heaviness of the books subject matter at the time. World War 2 to my eleven-year-old brain seemed too unreal to be real. I know the cruelty of humanity these days, however, and look forward to revisiting this book as an adult.

Finally, Green River Running Red by Ann Rule. She is one of my sisters favorite authors and this particular book was the first true crime sissy ever read. So, this the book that started her love for true crime!

Special thanks to my sister and my niece (the carrier of the basket of dreams). This inexpensive birthday present was more than I could have asked for!




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