Thoughts. Not Quite A Review…The Fault In our Stars By John Green

I have been a Nerfighter for a long time.13687366_888660391265561_563314833_n

I think John Green is a fantastic human being. I also knew he wrote books. Hell, his name on Instagram is johngreenwritesbooks. Until yesterday, I had never read any of his books.

I attribute this to my attempt at not being a book bitch and occasionally falling from grace anyway. I have a bad image of YA literature due to an unfortunate foray with a book called Twilight a few years back…Perhaps everyone and their freaking grandmother has heard of it. I will never get the time back that I lost to this book. Ever. It will continue to haunt me till the day I die. I have since, judged all YA literature as harshly as I wished I had treated this one.

When I would see John Green books on my many bookish travels, I longed for his writing and yet, denied it for fear of the whiny, angst-ridden, brainless adaptation of young america that was Twilight.

I’m 35 years old this year and trying to think like a teenybopper is, to be honest, painful at best. Yet, who am I to judge a whole type of books based on one bad experience? That makes me an asshole. Not all teenagers are brainless, slightly larger versions of toddlers, or the sparkling undead.

So, on a whim, at the Goodwill, I’d picked up The Fault In Our Stars and figured that for a buck, even if it was horrible, not a huge loss.

I started reading yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m. and took a few breaks to go to the store and to mini marathon Intervention with my sister. Still, I finished this book at 11:53 p.m. I then spent hours looking at the dark ceiling unable to let the story go.

I won’t bore anyone with an actual review. Everyone knows of this book, through seeing the movie, watching much better reviews than I could write on BookTube or through book blogs who have much more talent than mine. I will say that there are very few books in this life (and I read a lot) that have left me speechless.

I love (present tense) this book so much, I love these characters so much and I love the brilliant mind of John Green more now than I ever have before. That’s saying something.

Everyone should read this book, everyone.

I will from today going forward no longer judge any book based on others of it’s kind.